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the Russian plane has brought to Holland the helicopter from Afghanistan

transport plane An Piloted by the Russian pilots - 124 " Ruslan " has brought on Sunday on repair to the Netherlands the transport helicopter " CHinuk " from the Afghani city of Kandahar. On it News were informed by the Dutch Minister of Defence.

" Ruslan " has made landing on the basis of the Royal Air Forces of Susterberg near to a city of Utrecht. " CHinuk " was a part of the Netherlands military contingent in Afghanistan, it is SPK in a MSG.

Next day Russian An - 124 will take off back for Kandahar W new Dutch helicopter " CHinuk " and spare parts 4 these cars, informs the Minister of Defence of the Netherlands.

Now in Afghanistan constantly there are three " CHinuka " and five fighting helicopters " the Apache " the Netherlands Air Forces. Number Dutch military kontigenta in Afghanistan, a part of the international coalition ISAF, makes about 1650 military men.

the multinational contingent of a coalition which head the USA, and a contingent of the International forces of assistance of security in Afghanistan (International Seņurity Assistanņe Forņe, ISAF), being under command of representatives of the NATO participates In operations in territory of Afghanistan.

the Primary goals of both contingents is search and destruction of insurgents of extremist movement operating in Afghanistan " the Taliban " and the international terrorist grouping " Al - Kaida ". Besides, foreign military men help the government of Afghanistan with business of formation of national power structures.

as the Occasion 2 the beginning of operation of the USA and their allies the act of terrorism made by insurgents " has served in Afghanistan; Al - Kaidy " On September, 11th, 2001 in New York when by means of two passenger planes grasped by terrorists towers of the World shopping centre have been destroyed.