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" an United Russia " the Party " has justified Sergey Ivanov`s expectations as its voter

; an United Russia " has justified expectations of the first vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov who voted for it on elections in 2003.

" As a whole yes " - Ivanov on air of the First channel has told, answering a question, a leah has justified this party of its expectation.

" I Want notice at once that I am far from completely to idealise a picture, to draw all in pink paints, and " an United Russia " far it is not perfect. But at the same time I am imposed by that " an United Russia " it is least peculiar demagogy and phrase-mongering " - it has explained the position.

In its opinion, this party " does not promise impossible unlike a number of other political opponents ".

" On a broader scale in Russia, unfortunately, about it I SPK, till now is not present either normal left, or normal right party. It is the fact " - has noted Ivans.

Thus he has told again that is not going to join the ranks of any party as at it is " not only sympathies, but also certain belief ".