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Negotiations W the Penza hermits of result have not given - Sterligov

. Negotiations W the Penza hermits who have taken cover pending " end of the world " though have passed Gud but while in what have not resulted and will be continued, businessman Herman Sterligov who has arrived from Moscow to Penza to persuade ascetics to leave a dugout has told News.

In Bekovsky area of the Penza region of 29 persons among which four children, were reserved by products and have taken cover in the underground refuge dug out by them where W8 " end of the world " which, in their opinion, will come in May, 2008. People threaten to burn themselves if concerning them violent measures are taken. Among people who have taken cover underground ten citizens of Belarus.

" Negotiations passed Gud, but results while are not present. We have just returned to administration of the Penza region " - Sterligov has told. He has wished not to tell about details of negotiations not to subject to risk of children being in a dugout.

According to Sterligova, hermits have access 2 the information from an external world, that is they in a course ABT what write mass-media. " not IC only as " - Sterligov has told.

the Businessman intends to be late in the Penza region for some days and to continue negotiations.

experts of the state centre of science of social and judicial psychiatry of a name 2 participate In negotiations Serbian (Moscow) led by the deputy director of institute professor Zurab Kekelidze. Besides, in the Penza region, according to Sterligova, now there is a deputy of national meeting of Belarus Nikolay Dubovik and the leader of the Belarus diaspora in Moscow Alexander Malenkov.

" It they have called me and have told about this situation in the Penza region " - Sterligov has told.

the Businessman 2 has noticed that the situation is supervised is Gud by the Penza authorities which operate " confidently, accurately and W/ O vanity ".

Herman Sterligov - one of the first Russian millionaires, the former founder of a stock exchange " Alisa " and nowadays the sheep breeder situated near Moscow. It 2 has arrived to the Penza region in hope to persuade the hermits who have taken cover in a dugout. The businessman who has surprised in due time the Russian public by sale of a private residence on Rublevke and departure in a deaf province, is convinced that " people are in a deceit grave condition ".

Concerning head of sect Peter Kuznetsova the Office of Public Prosecutor has filed criminal charges as regards 1 article 239 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the organisation of the association encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens). Now it passes inspection in psychiatric clinic.