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Process on the case of listening of TEL will pass in the closed mode

. Process on business of the militiamen accused of illegal listening of TEL, will pass in the closed mode, the correspondent of News from Moscow City Court broadcasts.

On Monday the court has selected 12 cores and 6 spare jurymen which will consider this case.

Hearings are in essence appointed to November, 29th. The public prosecutor will announce the bill of particulars on business then police officers will tell, recognise or not they the fault.

On a dock - four employees of central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and also the employee of the Department of Internal Affairs of Southern administrative district of Moscow Boris Plotnikov, Leonid Vedrov, Sergey Zubarev, Anton Zubkov and Feodor Shanin.

Them accuse of bribe reception on preliminary arrangement in the large size, for what article 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation provides till 12 years of imprisonment. The consequence considers that figurants of business for a bribe listened to telephone negotiations.

Earlier the representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has informed that within the limits of investigation of criminal case charge in bribery have shown to the Moscow businessman Evgenie Slavinsky. For it article 291 of the criminal code of Russian Federation provides crimes till eight years of imprisonment.

the Consequence has established that the businessman in May, 2006 has asked militiaman Plotnikova to organise illegal listening of telephone negotiations of several persons.

Under the version of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the militiaman has agreed and has involved in business of other workers of the Ministries of Internal Affairs having access 2 special means. - disks defendants passed the RCVed sound files to a compact to the customer for which that has paid 42 thousand dollars, is SPK in a department MSG.