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the Coin in honour of the well-known football player Mario Kempesa is let out in Armenia

Yerevan, 15 sen - News. the Central bank of Armenia has entered into the reference a memorable silver coin " Mario Kempes " let out within the limits of the international monetary program " Kings of world football " informs " News - Armenia " referring to a press - Central Bank service.

All it is let out 20 thousand silver memorable coins by a face-value 100 dramov ANY1. The coin is made of silver 925 - j tests. On averse coins in the CTR the crown W an inscription " is displayed; KINGS OF FOOTBALL " which two tigers protect. On a backspacing, on a colour background of a flag of Argentina the portrait of legendary Argentinean Mario Kempesa, and to the left of a portrait - a football is represented.

coin Contours were issued by the designer of the Polish mint Robert Kotovich. The coin is rapped out by the Mint of Poland.

Mario Alberto Kempes was born on July, 15th, 1954. The world champion of 1978, the winner of the Cup of owners of cups of 1980, the winner of the Supercup of Europe of 1980, the champion of Argentina of 1981, the owner of the Cup of Spain of 1979. In Europe supported Spanish " Valencia " and " Erkules " and also a number of the Austrian clubs.