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Russians on CHM on weightlifting counts a minimum on 3 - e a place

Moscow, 15 sen - News. Russian national team on weightlifting can count on a maximum of the Olympic vacation packages on Games in LDN by results of the World championship which will pass in the end of September in Turkish Antalia, has phoned to News a press - the secretary of federation of weightlifting Elena Mahonina.

" ten persons go To Turkey as a part of a man`s national team, and eight - as a part of female. Among representatives of a man`s national team Dmitry Klokov, Evgenie Chigishev, Vladimir Smorchkov, Armen Kazarjan, Michael Gobeev, Alexey Jufkin, Alexander Ivans, Andrey Demanov. As a part of a female national team to Antalia will go Oksana Slivenko, Natalia Zabolotnaja, Marina Shainova, Tatyana Kashirin " - Mahonina has told.

" the Man`s national team in the excellent form, children will act on the average, heavy and a super heavyweight. We count that they will manage to RCV on this tournament six medals of various worthiness including the most higher test the Female national team too is perfectly ready to competitions, and we hope for medals of the highest worthiness. To RCV a maximum of vacation packages on Games in LDN of 2012 to us it is necessary to take a place from the first on the sixth in obshchekomandnom offset. Our most pessimistic forecast - the third place " - has estimated a press - the secretary of prospect of performance of Russian national team in the World championship in Turkey.

Tournament will pass in Antalia from September, 18 till September, 30th.