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Tour of the Moscow Synodal chorus across the Balkans comes to the end

Tour of the Moscow Synodal chorus on the countries of the former Yugoslavia comes to the end with a concert in Belgrad.
this event became a part of Days of Russian orthodox culture on the Balkans. Chorus concerts have passed in the cities of Banja - the Onion (Republic Serbska), Zagreb (Croatia), Skopje (Macedonius), Belgrad (Serbia).

Performance of the Russian choirboys everywhere got warm reception, organizers mark. Concerts of the Moscow Synodal chorus, on responses of spectators, have passed " under the badge of human mutual understanding, the world and a spiritual unification " also became bright event in modern cultural life of the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

" the Russian orthodox singing which based and has grown on general 4 all of us to orthodox belief, has opened to us a soul and spiritual depth of Russian people, became visible ACK of revival and spiritual lifting in Russia. Let and further bonds of a brotherhood and human dialogue between our people " get stronger; - one of spectators has told.

the Synodal chorus, one of the oldest professional choruses of Russia, has been created in Moscow in 1721. As a basis of Synodal chorus the chorus of Patrshih of the singing clerks, arisen in the end of XVI century has served.

W abolition patrshestva in 1700 singing steels to be called " cathedral " also have been attached to the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Kremlin. After establishment of the Most holy Synod in 1721 they have been translated in its department and began to be called as synodal. Throughout XVII - XVIII centuries patrshie choirboys and Synodal chorus on level and skill of execution competed further and as though made " Moscow " a parallel to chorus gosudarevyh the singing clerks, renamed at Peter I in the Court singing chapel translated to Petersburg.

After restoration in Russia patrshestva in 1917, the chorus has saved, become already historical, a name. For Easter in 1919 the Kremlin cathedrals have been closed, the Synodal school is abolished, and the chorus has stopped existence.

the chorus Renaissance has begun in 2009 W purpose of an archbishop of Volokolamsk Ilariona by the prior of a temple " All grieving pleasure ".

the Head of chorus - the honoured artist of Russia Alexey Puzakov.