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Rogozin: the Russian Federation draws on a joint estimation from the NATO of rocket risks

Bruxelles, 17 sen - News, Alexander Shishlo. Russia insists on carrying out of a joint estimation from the NATO of rocket risks, the constant representative of the Russian Federation at the NATO Dmitry Rogozin has declared on Friday.

" We on - former insist on that before to discuss that that was substantial within the limits of possible projects " evropro " and more serious projects, we are convinced that it is necessary to carry out the serious analysis of rocket risks " - Rogozin Novosti has told.

As he said, " if to have serious conversation on rocket risks, it is necessary to begin, first of all, with the analysis Y the rocket weapon gets out as the most convenient delivery system of weapons of mass destruction ".

" to Appoint guilty of this question, means to leave from discussion of more serious questions. Rockets in southern " podbrjushe " Europe possesses not only Iran, but also other countries and if to begin this analysis it is necessary to analyse all those who possesses such technologies " - the Russian ambassador has specified.

the Secretary general of the NATO Anders Fog Rassmussen has declared on Friday that Iran poses rocket threat 4 Russia and the NATO, and in this situation again has suggested to create uniform system of antimissile defence 4 Europe.

" More than 30 countries have or develop rocket potential, among them Iran which has rockets which can reach territories as the NATO, and Russia... Thus, we can create system (ABM) which divides us, having created new separating bars in Europe, or we can create system which unites us and pulls together " - Rasmussen in videobrashchenii has told.

he has added that is from its part interested in the second vante.

" We should offer Russia cooperation, having connected our systems (ABM) with its possibilities. If we decide to do it in common, I am convinced, we can create the best climate 4 progress maintenance in other areas crucial for the European security " - Rasmussen has told.