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Waiters have spent annual running in Bruxelles

Bruxelles, 19 sen - News, Alexander Shishlo. Annual running of waiters has taken place on Sunday in Fiftieth anniversary park in Bruxelles, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

the Competition spent already in 23 - j time, is unusual what take part in it waiters only working in cafe who compete not only in speed, but also in dexterity can.

in the general extent of 2,5 kilometres give out to ANY1 participant of running a tray W three glasses and an open bottle of alcohol.

All these subjects should be kept one hand, never having dropped in the course of run. The winner is the one who is more QIK others will reach W a tray finish, having spilt as less as possible alcohol.

this year the Bruxelles running of waiters is dated 2 " to Day W/ O the car ".