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the Spanish musician, the politician and writer Jose Antonio Labordeta

Moscow, 19 sen - News Has died. the Glorified Spanish singer, the writer, the poet, the TV presenter and politician Jose Antonio Labordeta (Jose Antonio Labordeta) has died on Sunday in one of hospitals of Zaragosa after long illness, the Spanish newspaper Pais informs.

the King of Spain Juan Carlos I has expressed a regret in connection with demise 75 - summer Labordety whom he named the great Spaniard and the great patriot.

Jose Atonio Labordeta was born in capital of the Spanish region Aragon the city of Zaragosa in 1935.

For the life he has had time to test in set of different professional forms: from the teacher of history B4 the deputy of the lower chamber General kortesov Spain (country parliament).

In a discography of Labordety - the singer more than two tens albums, it the author of 25 books, in last of which, left in 2010 under the name " So-so, thank God " (Regular, graņias a Dios), Labordeta describes the experience of struggle against a cancer.

Doctors diagnosed for Labordety of reliquaries predstatelnoj glands in 2006. Since then cheeful aragonets combated a terrible illness. On leaving week Labordeta in connection with sharp deterioration of a state of health has been hospitalised in hospital Miguel Servet where has died this morning.

With the art worker well-known all over the country and the politician remained a WF and three daughters.