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" Rosnano " Moscow, 31 avg - News will send experts on foreign training

. Employees of the design companies " Rosnano " since 2010 will start to pass training abroad, including in the USA and Finland, the assistant to the general director of state corporation Andrey Svinarenko has informed News.

As he said, it becomes 4 increase of level of knowledge of experts of the design companies.

" in the Autumn to the USA and to Finland will go not only engineers and managers of the companies, but also representatives of high schools who realise the mentioned programs. The subjects of training directly are connected with development of innovative business: it both commercialisation of technologies, and management of the hi-tech company, and the organisation of applied researches, and many other things. Such training, in - the first, should close partly at least tears in education of engineers about which it was SPK above, and, in - the second, to help the companies and high schools to C how interaction academic and business - in the countries W innovative economy is organised environments and in common to develop the mechanisms of long-term cooperation " - he has told.

Vocational training of all levels has appeared in the CTR of ATTN of anniversary session of the State Council at the President of the Russian Federation on Tuesday, on August, 31st.

According to Svinarenko, " in vocational training it is impossible to name a situation safe ".

" Becomes already almost " a platitude " a rupture problem between a labour market and educational system, absence of partner mutual relations between the employer and those who should prepare 4 it highly professional shots. Search of personnel decisions in these conditions even more often is incurred by employers: develop so-called " corporate professional standards " create the educational CTRs, prepare teachers 4 them and conduct preparation programs, to be exact, retrainings of the shots. Partly as arrives and " Rosnano " W that essential difference that educational programs 4 the companies which it supports, are reserved in the Russian high schools and institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences " - has added Svinarenko.

He has informed that in the near future procedure of a formulation of RQ about a professional training 4 the enterprises nanoindustrii will be simplified owing to that " there will be first professional standards 4 the experts working at the enterprises nanoindustrii over whom the corporation works the second year ".

" We will start to accredit the programs of high schools developed at our participation next year, the technology of this WRK " is now developed; - doabvil the representative " Rosnano ".