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Evkurov: the condemned man in Vladikavkaz could undermine distantsionno

Tskhinvali, 20 sen - News. the President of Ingushetia Junus - Bek Evkurov has come out with the assumption that the explosive which has worked at the central market in Vladikavkaz, could be put in action distantsionno, and also has urged not to kindle international rozn against act of terrorism.

the Suicide bomber on the car " Volga " in the morning on September, 9th has put in action at an input on the central market of Vladikavkaz a bomb capacity 30 - 40 kgs in a trotyl equivalent. As a result of 19 persons were lost, even more 200 have suffered. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the North Ossetia earlier on Monday has informed that the identikit of the terrorist is made.

" One condemned man - the terrorist whom have loaded and, maybe, used blindly. Still it is not known, he wanted to make the same explosion in Vladikavkaz or it distantsionno have blown up... The consequence will understand " - Evkurov in Tskhinvali to journalists has told.

Thus it has scarified kindling international break a set after tragedy.

" it is Even more tragic, when against it it is kindled international rozn, and then - much more victims " - he has told.

Thus Evkurov has noticed that only joint actions of North Caucasian republics can become " the main fight against terrorism and other radical phenomena ".