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Alexey Melnikov: In sports all is interconnected!

– I, being the sportsman, took part in cross-country on newspaper prizes " Truth ". Those actions were remembered, " Cross-country of the Nations " originates therefrom. Then the way of life was at youth a little another, now it is difficult to tear off people from the computer. But wishing to take part in " Nation Cross-country " all the same it is a lot of, the continuity of generations is felt!

Earlier such   actions were spent in the spring, participants were on lifting of physical strengths, on peak of the sports preparation, in the Gud sports form. Now many children and schoolboys come to school after summer vacations weakened, them uneasy to involve in competitions. Earlier at competitions the informal rank of the champion of Soviet Union that was additional stimulus 4 participation was played. For a rank many titled sportsmen, and it struggled, in turn, drew 2 competitions and fans.

– What gives this action, will impart experience?

– the Advantage is always. When the person starts to be engaged in physical culture, simply to make jogs in the mornings, it reaches SOL certain level of readiness, starts to supervise itself, puts a problem for tomorrow … At least W itself – it, IAE, all the same competes! It keeps it in " to system of a healthy way of life ". The more will be such competitions as " Nation Cross-country " which will contribute in increase in quantity of people conducting a healthy way of life, the it will be better. After all 4 the general health of the nation it is unimportant, a leah plays the person in basketball, in football or runs. All should be in pleasure, under control of doctors, W normirovannoj loading.

– That want to advise and wish participants " Nation Cross-country "?

- the Most important thing – it is necessary to understand that NE competition should bring pleasure. It is necessary to be able to compare the possibilities and forces with desires. 2 it would be desirable, that participation in this cross-country would not be 4 the majority any single sports action and that became an impulse 4 continuation.

– How you estimate level of track and field athletics and prospect of its development in Russia?  

– Track and field athletics now is Gud develops. It is not isolated sport, a lot of positive occurs and in this sport. Now the state pays much attention to development both professional, and mass sports. In track and field athletics there are problems and unresolved questions, but we feel ATTN from the sports and country leaders Ministry. That actively are interested in performances of athletes is pleasant also, sportsmen congratulate in the Kremlin! Work of sportsmen and trainers – it is necessary to the country. At us now, in general - that, a normal reserve. There is a Gud, adult command, and young children join a national team. I think, at us perfect prospects. From LDN from the Olympic Games - it will be not a shame to 2012 us to come back.

– Support of the state within the limits of the Federal target program " physical training and sports Development in the Russian Federation on 2006 – 2015 " means much?

– It is very valuable and it is useful. The state pays attention to problems of sports and allocates money in the target image for its development – anyway, SOL it will yield Gud result! The program is realised 4 children and their parents, 4 nation health!
here now undertook base of the Olympic preparation. And the Q has reached us. Vitaly Leontevich Mutko promised to construct track and field athletics sector W an arena, stadium and new hostel. We count that year through 2 - 3 it will be executed, design WRK promised to begin already in the near future. Gud conditions of preparation – it is the big plus 4 track and field athletics development! Results should improve, as all in our sports is interconnected!

Grigory GUREEV