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Putin has visited factory on manufacture of inexpensive ready dishes

S - Petersburg, 20 sen - News. the Prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on Monday has visited at new factory St.-Petersburg, making ready dishes, including 4 schools, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

the General director of a culinary line " Konkort " Evgenie Prigozhin has led 4 the prime minister excursion on factory and has told that the volume of finished goods since January will make 100 thousand tons. As he said, the period of storage of ready dishes will make not less than 20 days.

Putin during factory survey has familiarised with all production technology of production. It has taken an interest at head Rospotrebnadzora Gennady Onishchenko, accompanying the prime minister - the minister, a leah it is satisfied by factory WRK.

" it is very happy " - Onishchenko has told. It has explained to journalists that such production can be used as at schools, hospitals, army, and in prisons.

automatic machines where schoolboys W use of maps can pay off for meal have shown the Premiere, and parents thereby have possibility to supervise that their child, and also its expenses ate.

to Putin 2 have shown automatic machines W various confectionery products and aerated water. Prigozhin has told that firms which were engaged earlier in manufacture of game machines, have passed to manufacturing of the such.

" Were reorientated, - the prime minister - the minister ascertained. Is very Gud, useful business ".

Besides, the head of the government has taken an interest at the governor of Leningrad region Valery Serdjukova, a leah he is interested in development of factories on manufacture of a social food. " yes " - Serdjukov has told. On a question of the prime minister, a leah parents are happy with such food of children, the governor has told: " In the beginning did not conceive, and 2DAY have calmed down. Problems are not present. Children are happy ".

As the general director has noticed, by finished goods manufacture the frozen products or preservatives are not used.

Showing a line of manufacture of mashed potatoes, Prigozhin has informed that in the special device the dirty potato, and through 60 metres during which the vegetable takes place processing, clearing and cooking is located, there is a ready product.

factory Cost makes an order of 40 million euro. " we will build in Russia still " - Prigozhin to journalists has told, having added that factories will be in Podolsk, Krasnodar territory and Tambov.

He has informed that production will be delivered in schools, hospitals, 2 it can be bought by banks and other organisations. Besides, in the long term the company plans to leave 2 on sale of production in shops.

SPK about a food of schoolboys, Prigozhin has explained that one dish of their company manages on 40 % more cheaply, than the price of the similar dish prepared within the precincts of educational institution.

the Factory closes three problems - " the national project of education regarding a school food " " agriculture regarding the guaranteed sale 4 farmers " and " the doctrine of food security of the country " Prigozhin SPK.

He has informed that DNR on the adult person from the products prepared " Konkortom " makes 32 roubles.