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Ahmadinezhad: neither the USA, nor Israel are not capable to begin war against Iran

Moscow, 21 sen - News. the President of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad considers that 4 an attack to Iran the USA have no bases, and Israel - forces and consequently the military scenario of succession of events round Islamic Republic is represented improbable. The president has declared it on Tuesday in intervju to the Russian English-speaking channel Russia Today.

In the beginning of August the head of Incorporated committee of chiefs of staffs (OKNSH) armed forces of the USA admiral Michael Mallen has declared that the USA have a plan for a case of power succession of events round Iran. However, an admiral has expressed hope that " before will not reach ". The statement of Mallena has followed almost right after how Ahmadinezhad has suggested the American colleague to hold a MTG in September and to discuss actual international problems.

" Absolutely clearly that the USA now are not capable to begin new war. I should tell that the USA prefer to conduct discussions not from a logic position, and from a compulsion position. From the POV of logic the USA do not have any bases 4 an attack to Iran. Besides, 4 such attack there are no conditions. A leah present conditions in the Near East to begin new war allow? Such possibility simply does not exist at present " - Ahmadinezhad has told.

Making comments on the statement of Mallena for existence of the American plan of the party of blow across Iran, Ahmadinezhad has declared that Iran is ready to protect itself in spite of the fact that its authorities consider the similar scenario improbable.

" If contrary to expectations war nevertheless begins, we will be ready to protect ourselves. But at the same time we believe that anything especial will not occur " - the president has told.

answering a question on a possible attack of Israel to Iran, Ahmadinezhad has declared that " Iran cannot attack not only this education, but also any other country ".

" Israel represents rather small state education. We at all do not take it into account. They are too weak to attack Iran CUZ they understand: if they attack us, it will lead to destruction of Israel " - Ahmadinezhad has told.

the First official reaction of Teheran has followed at once statements of Mallena. The Iranian authorities then have warned Washington against rash actions concerning Iran, including from military blow on Islamic Republic. As has declared then the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iran Manuchehr Mottaki, the USA already throughout long time threaten Iran with military operations, however now the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan will not allow them to make it. According to Mottaki if Washington begins aggression against Iran, " They will be comprehended by much more unfortunate destiny, than that which they have met in Iraq and Afghanistan ".

Within a year representatives of the American administration acted time and again W statements that the USA have the plan of the military decision of the possible conflict, however named it extreme vantom, calling for the diplomatic decision of the Iranian problem. So, the head of the Pentagon Robert Gates has declared that the USA possess blow possibilities across Iran; except that, such possibilities are provided by the new American nuclear doctrine accepted in the spring of 2010.

Iran and the USA on an extent more than 30 years save a policy of negative attitude to each other. Diplomatic relations between the countries have been broken off in 1979 when considerably adjusted supporters ajatolly Khomeinis storm took embassy of the USA in Teheran, having grasped in hostages 52 employees. In days of George Bush`s board - younger (2001 - 2009), ESP after election on presidential fast in Iran Ahmadinezhada (2005), relations of two countries have become aggravated even more. W coming to power in the USA president Obama of the relation of Washington W Teheran have not undergone considerable changes.