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Eks - the art director of dolls Is exemplary is arrested on the case of plunder

Moscow, 22 sen - News. the Tver court of Moscow on Wednesday has arrested Andrey Luchina, the former head of Federal official body of culture " the State academic theatre of dolls of S. V.Obraztsova " suspected of plunder about 12 million roubles of budgetary funds, the correspondent of the Russian agency of the legal and judicial information (RAPSI) from a court hall passes.

Luchin is arrested till November, 3rd. The court has considered proved arguments of a consequence that the accused can disappear, or otherwise prevent justice.

Proving a selected preventive punishment, the court, in particular, has specified that theatre of dolls Is exemplary is not the commercial organisation, actions of Luchina do not fall under character of enterprise activity and 2 it the norm limiting purpose of arrest suspected and accused on economic crimes, accordingly, cannot be applied. Criminal case is raised as regards 4 articles 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (swindle).

the Lawyer of the suspect has declared that does not agree W a judgement and intends to appeal against against it.

the Press - the service of Investigatory committee (SK) at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation earlier on Wednesday has informed that, according to preliminary data, the official for the purpose of plunder of budgetary money resources has prepared false documents 4 participation of several fictitious firms in competitions. Winners of competitions acquired the right of the conclusion of state contracts " On performance of WRK on manufacturing and repair of furniture, scenery, suits, footwear, dolls and a various requisite 4 performances " the Marriage of Figaro " " Djujmovochka " " the Cinderella " " Buratino " the Ministry of Internal Affairs was SPK in MSG SK.

According to Investigatory committee, the suspect has concluded nine state contracts more than on 19 million roubles, has signed acceptance reports - delivery of the executed WRK and has vised bills on payment, as a result during the period from March till December, 2009 on settlement accounts of the above-stated firms budgetary funds have been listed.

However in the course of investigation it has been established that from a total sum of the listed money resources on payment of WRK on manufacturing and repair stsenichesko - production means and a requisite 4 performances it has been paid by cash hardly more than 6,5 million roubles, informed SK the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Thus the Investigatory committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation did not specify a surname of the suspect, having informed that preliminary investigation is spent concerning one of art directors.

the Managing director of theatre of dolls Vladimir Maksimenko has refused to make comments on News the situation which has developed round Luchina, having informed only that " the theatre works, all is ready 4 opening of a new season which begins on September, 24th performance traditional and well-known for the whole world " the Unusual concert ".

Theatre of dolls of a name It is exemplary it is considered the world`s largest. The theatre building is located on the Garden Ring in Moscow.