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the Government of the Russian Federation will allocate 740 million rub for clearing of the Earth Frantsa - Joseph

Moscow, 23 sen - News. the Government of Russia has reserved on 2012 740 million roubles 4 recycling of butts of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS on the Earth Frantsa - Joseph, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin has declared on Thursday.

In the end of April of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has visited the Earth Frantsa - Joseph and has declared necessity to spend " general cleaning " in

to Arctic regions. By estimations of experts, all on archipelago are thrown B4 250 thousand butts W 40 - 60 thousand tons of oil products, scrap metal in a kind bochkotary (over 1 million units, in particular with greasing and butter), coal, technics (planes and cars) and structures, including radar stations.

" the concept on especially protected natural territories of federal value on 800 million a year for three years in addition Will be supported. Actions for elimination of an ecological damage on archipelago Frantsa - Joseph - 740 million roubles since 2012 annually " will be carried out; - Kudrin at a briefing to journalists has told following the results of government session.

It is a question of recycling of thousand butts W fuel, which " pollutes ecology ".