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Samosudie instead of justice

Two cases of the self-court, bearing a strong resemblance to Lynch`s notorious court, have called an acute reaction in a blog sphere. One of veterans - aksakals ZHZH Anton Nosik has generalised impressions of two events which have coincided on time thus:

« In Peter navaljali « to the pearl ensign ». And in Moscow have broken a skull bombile, beaten the pregnant employee « Euronetworks ». Bombed has died, and the ensign — still is not present.

EVN here there are no rules »

In comments, or as it is accepted to be expressed in the virtual world, in comments 2 this record a subject began to develop divergently. The user nodong EVN has entered a neologism into Russian: « samosudie as reaction to absence of justice. Naturally also it is partly justified ». And maydyk has approached to a question much more widely and EVN has remembered known « the national avenger » Kaloyev: « Here that happens, when the state does not carry out the direct duties. Then the initiative from below is shown in the ugliest and disgusting forms. And here have put - praporu reprimand and incomplete office, the skull would be whole. But not one only the Russian Themis is nice for it. To the Swiss dispatcher too nothing a distance. Then Kaloyev has come and has performed WRK of the Austrian court ».

Others blogery 2 were not limited to ascertaining, and have started to comprehend a situation. « no, it not civil war, and especially not revolution which all the same will not be.

the society civil only becomes simple when it has a back coupling W the state.   and other back coupling W this state at present is not present and cannot be.

Therefore and other civil society at us it is not expected. And who in it is guilty? » - Lawyer Timur Knyazev has asked an ancient Russian question.

At last, sapojnik has approached to a subject OTOH: « AAM any « national condemnation » militias, naturally, no, are not present also any « national public lifting ». A/U, in the Russian policy an old abacus prevails: democrats rejoice, when the militia beats stalinistov, stalinisty - when the militia beats democrats. 4 those and others cops - only the tool ».

Many are not ready to countenance the fact of self-court. « exposers of Stalin iniquities exult: the ensign « Pearl » has been subjected severe reprisal –   W/ O a charge presentation, W/ O litigation, W/ O sentence announcement... » - has ironically noticed beobaxter.

Were at the ensign and defenders. So, Peter`s inhabitant sinitzat has shown rare philanthrophy: « The ensign Smartly since Friday in hospital. It is familiar with the his sister. Since it has surrendered, on it criminal case is got, his mothers constantly called W threats (my friend went 2 it every other day, the MA of the ensign lives one, not so long ago the husband has buried) that mother could sleep easily, but not naezdishsja, at the girlfriend a family, the child - the schoolboy. Yes, Vadim is wrong that has not restrained that has given a trump, now itself and will suffer … Smartly was in the Chechen Republic, at it, certainly, postravmatichesky a syndrome …   it should leave for a long time system, the misfortune only that was no place to leave ».

the Attack on the ensign has deduced blogerov on thoughtful reflexions.

the User karpatina˝hi has come 2 paradoxical conclusions: « a leah those who has beaten the ensign have correctly made? No, it is made INCORRECTLY. But it is made within the limits of those concepts which are spread 2DAY by hands of such ensigns in my country. So that in a sense, this ensign has given to itself on a head ».

has gone oleg - shein Further away: « In process of distribution of the Internet the country began to learn the heroes, to watch their further destiny. And, if it is fair, it is no wonder, that have started to appear wishing to make self-court … But if the ensign was found by its colleagues, and judges have concerned process with all severity and attentiveness self-vessels in Peter`s CTR, most likely, would not be … the Case W Smartly – one more certificate of that militia reform is necessary. Otherwise citizens start to try to reform militia. Including – blows to the head ».

Other victim of Russian court of Lynch who has ended « the death sentence » sympathy in a blog sphere practically has not found. And wild the act of Sosa Hachikjana was too brutal, and is not clear, Y it freely walked about on streets, instead of was in a pre-trial detention centre.

However, nevertheless, this punishment too directs at disturbing thoughts. More accurately other them has formulated my - best - men: « Citizens make self-courts, and there are the admirers applauding it. Here only nobody can guarantee that Lynch`s courts always kill really guilty... And very few people reflects that the society delegated the right to apply force of the law the special representative on that to persons just that was not « wars of all against all » that ANY1 which EVN have made vile act, had chance of analysis of the business objectively, W observance of all rights ».

One more event which has called amicable, though and not unequivocal reaction at blogerov – Death of the former vice-president of the USSR, member and formal leader GKCHP Gennady Janaeva.

« Our parents believed putchistov –   revanchists and bastards, I am more inclined to estimate their mad impulse, as last, desperate attempt to save empire which collapsed on their eyes. It appear I 2DAY in that time, on a place of Janaeva, I would operate in the same direction... It is impossible to release slaves at once –   they are not able to live on freedom, to extract to themselves bread that is why at once will eat the owner! » – the young user ukko - lumi, not had time to find putsch of 1991 at an age of reason has written.