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News has chosen the focal points of week in culture

Moscow, 24 sen - News. Week has stood out not too successful: in Tsentre Grabarja directors have dismissed, in circus on Vernadsky`s prospectus - new have not accepted, to fans of group Plasebo instead of two concerts has got ones and a half, pictures of the artist Rubbed - Oganjana have removed at the last minute from an exhibition in Louvre. And only to cinematographers has carried: to them have given a little more budget money.

Has burnt down on WRK

Burnt down CTR of Grabarja will open after repair already W the new director - this week it became known that previous, Alexey Vladimirova, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has decided to dismiss.

However, it should occur in the end of July - term of the labour contract came to an end then. But here force majeure circumstances have interfered with business: on July, 15th there was a fire which has destroyed almost all building; It was necessary to be engaged in destiny of thousand W superfluous works of art from museums and private collections, to understand W consequences - in general, became not before.

However after any time when it was found out that has suffered not so many values as could, and 4 WRK of restorers there were time platforms, Vladimirs has acted W criticism of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. He, in particular, has told that a building W works of art extinguished as a cowshed - having 4gotten thus that during suppression was lost two firemen, and kindling has begun from - for inflammable WRK on a roof, from - for which concerning the chief of department of operation of the CTR and two workers have filed criminal charges.

in general, henceforth over the CTR will supervise were zam on Evgenie Perov`s restoration WRK.

Struggle of red and white directors

this week the personnel question in the Big Moscow circus on Vernadsky`s prospectus again has become aggravated.

the Ministry in February was going to send its director Leonid Kostyuk in resignation, however has then decided to leave it for a year - in connection with coming 70 - letiem, and only then to replace with the director of the Ekaterinburg circus Anatoly Marchevsky. But year gradually comes to an end, and now Kostyuk declares that its collective on Marchevsky categorically does not agree, ready to hold a meeting and leave on demonstration, and also to send indignant letters to all higher instances.

as the Main argument against Marchevsky Kostyuk considers its age. " if to me on change the young perspective person, to which for 30 or for 40 years, W new economic and creative ideas it would be clear has come. But W Anatoly Marchevsky we almost coevals - me 69, and to it now 63 years " - Kostyuk confirms.

the situation has much surprised the Marchevsky. He does not understand, paternal the present head of Circus on Vernadsky at first itself has offered its nominee to the minister, and now has AOTS crawfished. However, over the Moscow circus Marchevsky all the same it is ready to supervise: " I gosudarev the person if such trust is rendered me, I should work ".

Well, not shmogla I, not shmogla

Long-awaited concerts Plaņebo which this week it was planned at once two of - for a large quantity of interested persons alive to hear British rokerov, have taken place in cut down vante.

On Monday the group has stepped on the stage club Arena, has won back five songs, and then soloist Bryan Molko has AOTS left a hall, and after it - and other musicians. After a prolonged pause 2 public there was bass player Stefan Olsdal, has apologised and declared that Molko became bad, and the concert is cancelled.

the storm in blogs on all night long Has followed. Organizers only made a helpless gesture and pled fatigue the actor after multimonthly tour (for this reason it was not possible to arrange additional performance). The second concert, however, has won back emaciated Molko completely, and has included in it, except songs from new album Battle For The Sun, also a heap of hits of last years. The hall has been jammed: the fans, thirsting to hear performance Plaņebo from the beginning and up to the end, have started to besiege an input in club some hours prior to a concert, and the tickets EVN most expensive, have very QIK disappeared from cash desks.

That who could not make the way on vtornichnoe show, organizers of capital tours Plaņebo have promised either to return money, or to exchange tickets for other shows of the same concert agency " the Mill " - not such bad vant, considering that in a portfolio of this company - such stars, as 30 Seņonds To Mars, ZZ Top, Therion and Sheril Crowe.

On a departure

this week it became known that the Ministry of culture AGN undertook to censor art. This time on an exhibition " kontrapunkt " in Louvre have not let out four WRK of Avdeja Rubbed - Oganjana from a series " Radical abstractionism " belonging, under different data, whether Gelman`s gallery, whether the Perm museum of the modern art headed by Gelman.

Organizers of an exhibition in GTSSI make a helpless gesture: most likely, Rubbed - Oganjana, the figurant of many scandals, have once again accused of kindling break a set also hatred excitation.

That will be now, not so clearly. Whether the French curator will pick up from creativity Rubbed - Oganjana something less radical, whether the exhibition (financed, BTW, from the state budget within the limits of a Year of Russia in France) will not take place at all.

Socially - significant crocodiles

the Board of trustees of Fund of support of cinema was defined this week W socially - significant projects (them it has appeared 13) between which till the end of the year will distribute 500 million roubles from the state budget.

their number, predicted enough image, included stories ABT heroic frontier guards (" the Silent Outpost "), heroic OMON fighters (" the Guy from our city "), heroic warriors of the present (" 5. The project " Ossetia ") and the past (" Skobelev "), and also subjugators of heavens (" Gagarin. The first in space "), Siberians (" Siberia. Monamur ") and suppressors of the Horde (" Prelate Alexey "). A drama ABT successful staratele (" Wild happiness ") and a comedy ABT the interested person to minister to fatherland (" Kalatches ") Are quite entered in this paradigm.

Surprise calls some names: in - the first, " Forty seven (Tsoy) " (protesting live rokeram the state was going to oppose rokerov great, but dead?) and, in - the second, " Hunting for crocodiles ". ABT a role of crocodiles in moral education of Russians as of evening of Friday it was not possible to find out any details.