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the Greek drivers have decided to continue strike lasting many days

Athenes, 24 sen - News, Alexey Bogdanovsky. the Greek drivers of trucks and tankers have decided on Friday to continue the strike begun five days ago, despite government threats to make them answerable.

" unanimously decided to continue the protest " - the representative of trade union of drivers has declared to journalists after general meeting.

the Greek parliament has passed on Wednesday the law on liberalisation of the transportations, assuming free delivery of licences in branch where new licences did not stand out decades. It will deprive of some privileges of present owners of work permits drivers of trucks, however, according to the government, will help to lower a cost of transportation and by that to stabilise street prices.

the Government declared civil mobilisation of drivers that has prevented those to leave the market of the country W/ O products and gasoline. However drivers throughout several days blocked the largest HWY in the country, held night meetings B4 parliament and fought with police.

On Friday participants of strike blocked in the Athenian harbour Peraeus about 200 supersize waggons which drivers they declared strikebreakers. Strikers threw in colleagues - drivers stones and beat them. The interfered police has dispersed attacking tear gas.

the Official representative of government Jorgos Petalotis has called participants of strike for calmness.

" Those who will transgression, will face consequences " - the representative of the government has warned.

the Minister of transport of Dimitris Reppas has passed striking the written list of obligations which are incurred by the government 4 maintenance of their insurance and pension rights.