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In Dnepropetrovsk from gas supply are disconnected more than five thousand houses


Kiev, 14 okt - News. In Dnepropetrovsk 5200 houses are disconnected from gas supply. As informs news agency UNIAN on Sunday, on it to journalists was informed by the general director of Open Society " Dneprogaz " Igor Ivankov.

in the Morning on Saturday in microdistrict Victory in Dnepropetrovsk there was an explosion of household gas. Ten houses have been as a result hurt. The third entrance 10 - a floor apartment house number 127 along the street Mandrykovsky has been completely destroyed, other three entrances have RCVed damages. At explosion ten persons were lost.

According to Ivankova, 600 workers " Dneprogaza " together with employees of electric systems survey apartments in many-storeyed and private houses 4 revealing of possible damages of gas and electric networks.

the Head " Dneprogaza " has informed that the question on gas supply renewal will be solved in second half of day of Monday.

As of 12. 00 (13. 00 Moscow time), 12 apartment houses are connected to electrical supply system and six hostels. 2DAY the electrical supply of 20 enterprises kommunalno - household sphere of an inhabited file Victory will be renewed.

According to preliminary data, from - for explosion of gas ten persons were lost, 23 have suffered, 16 are hospitalised and 20 are wanted. The definitive death toll is not established.

Photos are kindly given by the blogger   graglus. livejournal. ņom