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Rice does not W8 " proryvnyh results " from visit to the Near East

US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice has let know that does not W8 from the next visit to the Near East " proryvnyh results " in working out palestino - the Israeli agreement on principles of settlement of the bilateral conflict.

Five days the head of the American foreign policy department will carry on negotiations W key members of the government of Israel, representatives of the Palestinian national administration (PNA), heads of Egypt and Jordan, CKing their readiness for a November forum in the USA, convincing to support the undertaking patronised by the White house, and trying to smooth the disagreements, threatening to break its carrying out.

" I do not count that these MTGs will bring any special result in sense of breaks in WRK over the document " - agency Assoshiejted the Press of a word of Rice which communicated with journalists on a way from Moscow in Tel - Abib gives.

From a multilateral MTG in the American city of Annapolis signing palestino - the Israeli agreement on base principles of settlement which in this or that kind would set frameworks of the decision of the concrete problems making a subject of the bilateral conflict W8.

At the same time Palestinians and israelites on - to a miscellaneous imagine such document. The first would like to register concrete obligations of the parties and terms of their performance while the Israeli party would prefer to be limited to the agreement of the more general and less obliging character - it is desirable the declaration on intentions.

In conversation with journalists the state secretary recognised that MTG preparation in Annapolis is still far from that " stages when it is possible to dispatch invitations ".

During Rice tour will carry on negotiations from premieres - the minister of Israel Ehudom Olmertom, Minister of Defence Ehudom the Barrack and the colleague Tzipi Livni who has headed the Israeli working group at negotiations W Palestinians.

Besides it, the state secretary will meet representatives " the right camp " in an office of Olmerta - the minister of the industry, trade and Eli Ishaem employment who is one of heads of ultrareligious party SHAS, and the minister of strategic planning Avigdorom Liberman who leads Russian-speaking party " Our house Israel ".

Rice Visit schedule 2 provides trips to the West Bank of Jordan 4 negotiations W management PNA, and also short-term visit to Egypt. Abdalloj the Second the state secretary, predictably, will meet the king of Jordan on Thursday in LDN.