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the Snow cyclone became the reason of multikilometer stoppers in Moscow


Moscow, 14 okt - News. the Snow cyclone on Sunday has complicated a situation on capital roads.

On a southern direction of the Moscow ring highway multikilometer stoppers were formed, correspondents of News broadcast.

On MKAD outer side - from Leninsky prospect towards Trade-union street there is a stopper in length of four kilometres. The four-kilometre stopper costs and from congress on the Warsaw HWY before Vostrjakovsky journey. From Lipetsk street before congress on Kashirsky HWY (a three-kilometre stopper).

On MKAD inside the jam in a direction from the Warsaw HWY aside Yasenevo in length of five kilometres was formed.

In the north of Moscow motorists experience serious difficulties in movement on Dmitrovsky HWY towards the CTR, on an entrance 2 MKAD - here cars stand throughout highway kilometre.

In the CTR of the Russian capital road conditions on Mira prospectus (from street the New Alekseevsky stopper B4 the Sushchevsky shaft about 1,5 kilometres) and on the Volgograd prospectus (from Eseninsky parkway towards the CTR, 3 kilometres) are the most difficult.

Besides it, the stopper in the size in 2 kilometres was formed on HWY of Enthusiasts at movement towards the CTR.

As correspondents of News broadcast, from - for incessant snow on many highways situated near Moscow the ice pall was formed, and speed of movement frequently falls B4 10 - 15 kilometres per hour.

According to Moscow suburbs traffic police, only on the western direction, since the morning, has occurred more than hundred various dorozhno - transport incidents.

According to the representative of traffic police, in the basic their reason non-observance by drivers of a high-speed mode ministers. Participants of movement frequently move without difficult weather conditions and a road icing, have informed News in traffic police.

the State traffic inspectorate urgently recommends to drivers to refrain from trips for a city before the termination of deposits.

Under forecasts of meteorologists, the blizzard in capital region is expected and on Monday, on October, 15th.

About 2,5 thousand units of snow-removing technics left on roads of Moscow in the morning on Sunday on struggle against snow, the representative of a complex of municipal economy has informed before News. As he said, the snowfall did not become unexpectedness and for it in advance were prepared.