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the Government of Turkey criticises the USA for a recognition of a genocide of Armenians

. As a step which is running counter to relations of friendship and partnership between Ankara and Washington, members of the government of Turkey characterise acceptance by committee on the international affairs of the House of Representatives of the congress of the USA resolutions W a recognition of the fact of a genocide of Armenians in Ottoman empire.

" the Greatest injustice which can be shown concerning other people, it to accuse him of genocide fulfilment. It is impossible to explain such step from positions of friendship and sojuznichestva which characterise mutual relations (Turkey and the USA) " - the official representative of the Turkish government, vitse - prime minister Dzhemil Chichek has declared on Monday to journalists.

After acceptance by committee of the congress of the USA last Wednesday " the Armenian resolution " Turkey declared a response " 4 consultations " The ambassador in Washington Nabi Shensoja, and the commander-in-chief of Naval Forces an admiral of fleet Metin Atach and state minister Kjurshad Tjuzmen have cancelled the visits to the USA. Besides, under the decision of Ankara session in the USA Turkish - the American business advice is cancelled planned for the end of October.

the Resolution which should be accepted to the congress as a whole, has been countenanced by committee on the international affairs, despite objections of US president George Bush. It has expressed opinion that document acceptance can worsen American - Turkish relations. The similar POV was voiced by the president of Turkey Abdullah Gjul.

the Prime minister of Turkey Tajip Erdogan has from its part declared that the decision made by the American members of parliament runs counter to interests of the USA.

For the purpose of removal of the intensity which has arisen in Turkish - the American relations, in the end of last week Ankara was visited by the assistant to the US State Secretary Dan Fried and the deputy minister of defence Eric Edelman.

On MSG of local mass-media, in a management of Turkey possible sanctions concerning the USA, including in economic and military sphere are discussed.

the Situation which has developed in mutual relations, this week the parliament of Turkey will discuss. Following the results of its consideration the special statement to the USA, predictably, will be accepted.

Official Ankara refuses to admit the fact of a genocide of Armenians in territory of Ottoman empire in days of the First World War when were lost about 1,5 million person. It extremely painfullly reacts to pressure on this question from the West.

last year after acceptance in parliament of France " the Armenian resolution " Turkey has frozen relations W this country in military area.