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the comparative data on a rise in prices for the foodstuffs

is cited. In the country cheese and sunflower-seed oil has considerably risen in price, and sugar in some regions became cheaper, correspondents of News from regions of Russia broadcast.

According to given Rosstata, in September in Russia the prices for sunflower-seed oil (on 13,5 %), on the pasteurised milk (on 9,4 %), sour-milk products (on 7,9 %), cottage cheese of various fat content (on 7,4 - 7,5 %) have most essentially grown.

However, under the information from a number of regions, the rise in prices for products was more considerable. Milk, vegetable oil and cheese practically have everywhere risen in price. On such products as bread and price meat remained in some regions former, and on sugar - EVN have decreased.

In REGIONS of the CTR And severo - the WEST SUGAR HAS not risen in price OR BECAME cheaper

In shops of Kareliya of the price for September on the basic products have grown slightly, except for the prices for vegetable oil (about 46,77 roubles B4 52,22 roubles for kg) and cheese (about 165,22 roubles B4 187,88 roubles for kg).

the Pasteurized milk costs on the average 20,49 roubles for litre (in August - 19,07 roubles), rzhano - white bread - 24,31 (instead of 24,53 for kg). The prices for meat have not changed Almost - beef has risen in price W 145,99 B4 146,31 roubles, and chicken meat - W 83,01 B4 83,65 roubles.

Sugar has fallen in price on the average for 20 copecks (about 24,31 roubles B4 23,27 roubles for kg).

In the next republic Komi sugar 2 has gone down in price - W 27 B4 26,13 roubles. Immutable there were prices for white and black bread (28,22 and 22 roubles for a loaf). Milk has risen in price for 2 roubles (W 22,91 B4 24,43 roubles for litre), sunflower-seed oil - on 7 roubles (W 46,46 B4 53,61 roubles), firm cheese - almost on 17 (W 170,84 B4 197,14 roubles). From meat pork (159,26 instead of 152,71), and a chicken has most of all risen in price and beef - is insignificant (89,94 instead of 87,64 and 158,53 instead of 157,54 roubles).

in one region Severo - the Western federal district - the Novgorod region - the prices for vegetable oil (W 38,18 B4 49,03 roubles for litre), on firm cheese (W 151,62 B4 191,28 for kg) have grown.

Meat and a bird have risen in price not so strongly - beef is on sale now on 194,05 roubles (on 3 roubles more expensively, than in August), chicken meat - 89,15 roubles (2 on 3 roubles is more expensive). Bread has risen in price W 12,9 B4 14 roubles for a roll, and sugar has not changed almost in the price (W 20,66 B4 20,84 roubles for kg).

On sugar the price has not grown and in the Central federal district, for example, in the Voronezh region. Bread costs as much as well as one month ago. Slightly, on 2 roubles, meat - beef B4 142 roubles, chicken meat B4 84 roubles has risen in price. Milk (W 17 B4 24 roubles), vegetable oil (W 36 B4 50 roubles) and cheese " became more expensive; Russian " (W 147 B4 189 roubles), " Dutch " (W 150 B4 195 roubles).


In the south of the price have grown more considerably. So, in Dagestan bread has risen in price for 2 roubles (B4 11 roubles for a loaf), sugar - on 4 roubles (B4 24 roubles for kg), milk - on 10 roubles (B4 35 roubles for litre), vegetable oil - on 14 roubles (B4 50 roubles for litre), chicken meat - on 15 roubles (B4 85 roubles for kg), beef - on 20 roubles (B4 120 roubles for kg).

the Record was put by the prices for cheese - it has risen in price more than twice (W 65 B4 150 roubles for kg).

Almost as the prices for cheese in Rostov-on-Don have strongly grown: Cheese " Russian " on wholesale bases has risen in price W 120 B4 210 roubles, in shop - W 150 B4 230 roubles for kg. A street price " Dutch " has risen W 159,6 B4 264,2 roubles. The price for vegetable oil has increased by 20 roubles both in wholesale bases, and in shops (B4 50 and 52 roubles for litre).

Bread and meat in Rostov in the price have not changed almost. The white cut long loaf costs 10 roubles, a loaf white - 8,5 roubles. Now in shop the price for beef makes 180 roubles for kg, on chicken meat - 64 roubles for kg. Sugar 2 has not risen in price (18 - 20 roubles) and where - that EVN has fallen in price (W 21 B4 19 roubles).


Siberians 2 have felt a notable rise in prices. In Irkutsk milk of 3,2 % of fat content of local manufacture has risen in price W 15 B4 20 roubles for litre, local vegetable oil - W 36 B4 60 - 63 roubles for litre. Rye bread became more expensive on 5 roubles (15 - 18 roubles instead of 10 - 12), sugar - on 3 roubles (B4 27 roubles for kg).

Cheese " Altay " has risen in price for 20 roubles (B4 180 roubles for kg). On price meat were saved almost former, thanks to that the cattle face in economy and consequently meat receipt considerably increases by the market at this time begins.

In Krasnoyarsk the prices have grown almost on all basic products. Milk fat content of 1,5 % is on sale on 31 rouble for a litre package - more expensively on 10 roubles. The litre bottle of biokefir costs now 35 roubles instead of 23, and vegetable oil litre - 54 roubles instead of 39.

White bread has risen in price for 4,5 roubles - B4 16,5 roubles for a loaf. From meat chicken meat of the local manufacturer has risen in price. So, chicken wings stand 104 roubles for kg instead of former 79.

In the Novosibirsk region milk has risen in price W 17 - 22 B4 20 - 25 roubles for litre, vegetable oil W 32 - 35 B4 58 - 65 roubles for litre, bread - W 10 - 14 B4 12 - 18 roubles for a loaf.

the cheese which has risen in price almost in 2,5 times (W 100 - 120 B4 238 - 260 roubles for kg) became the Leader on a rise in prices here again. Sugar has not gone up in price almost (on 1 rouble B4 23), as well as beef (140 roubles for kg). On price chicken meat became former - having risen in price for 4 roubles, chicken meat then again 84 roubles for kg began to cost.

In the Tyumen region the price for milk (W 19 B4 21,3 roubles), vegetable oil (W 36 B4 50 roubles), cheese (W 180 B4 220 roubles) has grown. Chicken meat has not risen in price (101,1 roubles) while beef has gone up in price on 30 roubles (W 216 B4 236 roubles). At the same time in October the prices for sugar (W 32 B4 30 roubles) and bread (on darnitsky W 12,30 B4 10,30 roubles and on wheaten the first grade W 11,70 B4 9,40 roubles for a loaf) were reduced.


In the Nizhniy Novgorod region is considerable (on 11 - 17 %) have grown the prices for milk and dairy production, cheese, creamy and sunflower-seed oil.

Vegetable oil in the beginning of September costed on the average 42,17 roubles for litre, now - from 57,50 B4 71 roubles. Milk 2,5 - 3,2 % of fat content costed one month ago 17,75 roubles for litre, became - from 23,69 B4 35,90 roubles.

On the beginning of September on the average the price for cheeses made 167,25 roubles, now - 220,17 roubles. In particular, " Russian " there are 222 roubles, " poshehonsky " - 218,90 roubles, " Dutch " - 201,10 roubles.

Sugar has fallen in price on 6 % and now is on sale on 19,90 roubles for kg. The prices for beef have grown on 2,5 %. On price bread have risen on 1,5 % - now in shops rye there are 12,80 roubles, a usual long loaf - 12,80 roubles.


In Primorski Krai the prices HAS risen in price Also have grown on all socially significant products. So, in Vladivostok bread of black grades in August cost 16 - 18 roubles, and now - 20, white long loafs were on sale at the price B4 20 roubles, now - 23 - 25 roubles. Sugar cost 22 - 23 roubles for 1 kg, now - 28 - 30 roubles.

As well as in other regions cheese, now " has considerably risen in price; Russian " there are 200 roubles (the former price - 160 roubles for kg) and vegetable oil which costs now 65 - 70 roubles instead of 50 roubles.

Thus meat unlike other regions 2 has grown in the price. The beef kg has risen in price for 50 roubles (B4 200 roubles), chicken meat - on 70 - 80 roubles (B4 190 - 200 roubles instead of 120).