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Oscar Uajld is named by the wittiest person of the British kingdom

. The known Irish writer, the playwright and poet Oscar Uajld is named by inhabitants of the United Kingdom the wittiest person of kingdom, informs on Monday teleradiokorporatsija Bi - bi - si.

Many aphorisms which have been thought up by Uajldom, became for a long time classics and are known all over the world. Thanks to such phrases, as " America - the unique country which from barbarity has passed directly 2 decline, passing a civilisation stage " and " Always farewell your enemies is the best way to deduce them from itself " the well-known playwright has occupied the top line in original " a hit - parade " the British humorists which has been made by results of poll of three thousand televiewers of Great Britain.

Irish Uajld has got to this British rating not by mistake - in 19 - m a century when there lived the writer, Ireland was a part of Great Britain.

In the first " to ten " humorists of the United Kingdom the known British actor, the writer, the humorist and showman Stephen Fr Oscar Uajlda`s impersonation in the film of 1997 with the same name became which most well-known WRK in full-length cinema 2 has got.

Besides, witty people British named playwright William Shakespeare, politician Winston Churchill, and also the leader of the popular television program about cars " Top Gear " Jeremiah Klarksona.

Most " sharp on language " the woman, according to inhabitants of the United Kingdom, the former prime minister - the minister of Great Britain, " is; the iron lady " Margaret Thatcher. It occupies 12 - ju a line W a phrase: " To be strong - all the same, what to be the lady; if you have to prove it to another, it means not so ".