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Heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the EU countries have countenanced introduction of sanctions against Myanma

. Heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 28 European Union countries have countenanced introduction of additional sanctions concerning the authorities of Myanma (the former Burma), force stifled antigovernmental performances in the country, informs on Monday agency Rejter.

At session of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the EU countries in Luxembourg the decision on introduction of additional sanctions against the government of Myanma where since August, 19th take place mass stirrings has been countenanced.

Concerning Myanma from the European Union a number of sanctions already operates: EU has forbidden entrance on the territory to 375 persons, close to a ruling mode, and it is forbidden to European enterprises to finance state enterprises of Myanma.

As informed earlier agency Assoshiejted the Press referring to sources in diplomatic circles, additional sanctions will include an interdiction for issue of visas to other representatives of the military junta correcting in the country, and also restrictions on import of wood and jewels from Myanma.

2 in the end of September, introduction of an interdiction for reception of entry visas 4 some representatives of a management of Myanma declared the USA. Besides, on Tuesday Advice of the United Nations on human rights has accepted the resolution denouncing the government of Myanma for use of force 4 suppression of peace demonstrations.

as the Occasion 2 the mass stirrings which have begun in Myanma on August, 19th, the double rise in prices entered by the government for fuel has served. Besides improvement socially - economic conditions in the country, protesting carrying out of democratic reforms, and also clearing from - under house arrest of the leader won elections in 1990 of National league for democracy demanded, the Nobel prize winner of the world Aun San Su Chzhi. 4 dispersal of demonstrations of the power used the weapon and tear gas.

According to official figures, during last stirrings in cities of Myanma were lost more than ten persons. Independent sources consider that it is much more victims.