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Suzuki saw end of crisis in the end of this year

Suzuki - one of those companies which developed until recently in Russia in the conditions of isolated distribution when the organisation of sales and pricing were not uniform. By January, 1st, 2009 transition to uniform import for cars of Japanese and Hungarian manufacture has been finished. Now, for all dealers of Suzuki the uniform purchasing and recommended retail prices for the cars of Suzuki nominated in roubles are entered into Russia.

at the company «AjTiSi of Car RUS» which represents the stamp to Russia, ambitious enough plans for the Russian car market - to reach during the current year market shares in 2 %, and their forecast on sales of cars of Suzuki for 2009 assumes level to 25 000 cars. For this purpose they undertook a number of marketing courses.

C on May, 1st, 2009 five-door Grand Vitara (this model - the most popular in Russia, its sales make half of sales of cars of the stamp) with volume of the engine 3,2 litres cost on 130 000 roubles less than the previous price. And during the period from May, 1st till June, 30th this year in interiors of all official dealers operates Suzuki Present action - special discounts to 84 000 roubles. Since April, 21st, 2009 as we wrote, the special program of Suzuki Finance on crediting of cars of Suzuki for special concessionary terms started to operate developed together with Joint-Stock Company bank VTB24. From new - Suzuki Experience program soon starts to operate. It is planned as day off test drive participation in which allows potential buyers to test cars in business. Besides plan to open during the current year 25 more dealer centres, including one - in Moscow and three - in St.-Petersburg.

and here factory building in Shusharah while froze. As explained the PR-manager of “AjTiSi of Car RUS» Natalia Astafeva, «the project is postponed, but not closed». The reasons: an economic crisis, recession of sales of cars of the stamp and falling of demand for cars in Russia. More exact information on the future of the projected autoenterprise as it is promised, appears in July.

nevertheless, in the future in Suzuki look with hope and optimism. «Favorable development of a situation in automobile branch will depend on many factors, - Pavel Volchaninov, the operational manager of“ AjTiSi of Car RUS »told. - If there will be no new financial shocks, in particular, serious rate fluctuations of the basic currencies relative stabilisation in automobile branch can be seen, in our opinion, already in the end of this year …»