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GM attached Saab «in kind hands» for $400 million

Saab does not die, General Motors accepted the decision to sell the stamp to the Dutch manufacturer of sport cars Spyker, informs Bloomberg. Procedure of liquidation of the company is stopped.

the transaction on Saab sale will be completely complete in February of this year. According to agreement conditions, Spyker pays to Americans of $74 million cash and $326 million in the form of preference shares of the company which will be formed after Saab inclusion in structure of the Dutch motor-car manufacturer. The Swedish government agreed to give a guarantee on reception of the credit for Saab in size? 400 million from the European investment bank.

we remind, company Spyker made an application with the offer on Saab purchase three times, but negotiations each time broke. GM even sold to the Chinese motor-car manufacturer BAIC the equipment for manufacture of cars of Saab 9-3 and 9-5 for $193 (on the basis of platforms of Saab Chineses plan to begin release of own cars in two years) and declared closing and turning of manufacture of Saab.

Saab 9-4X. The manufacturer.
and At this time

Saab started to exhaust a new crossover 9-4X, informs Automotive News. The first party for test tests and krash-tests is assembled at factory in Mexico last week. Also in January was planned to begin release of sedans 9-5 new generations too intended for tests.