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Renault exhausts the fastest Megane

Renault Megane has the buyer, and its some special versions and are at all capable to meet requirements of the European fans “hot“ hetchbekov with which now it is very difficult to surprise with something. The newest and, probably, last version of this model - Ultima Edition - possesses characteristics of rather “serious“ sport car, remaining the car on every day, writes

Renault Megane Ultima Edition.

In spite of the fact that the first Megane RenaultSport (RS) received 2004 rather ambiguous responses, their subsequent versions got rid of problems of primogenitors. Model R26 Megane, “hottest“, had a cursor capacity of 230 l. With. Also it was dispersed to hundred for 6,5 seconds. Ultima RS it appeared more powerfully on 25 l. With. And it is easier on 130 kg. In aggregate with a modifed suspender, 18-inch wheels and new final system it increased speed of dispersal to treasured 100 km/h till 5,7 seconds! That is the car for? 32 000 the nostril goes to a nostril »with topovoj the version of“copeck“from BMW« and very quietly “does“ Audi S3.

it is expected that Ultima RS appears in streets not later than October, and in 2009 Megane lineup change waits.