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Renault Logan: Frantsuzik from Moscow

Renault Logan has initially been doomed to attention of our motorists. Still: a foreign car at the price hardly exceeding cost of the Russian car. But than that it is more in this French car made in Moscow at factory “???«????«?“, - foreign or domestic?

Rublenye, artless sides, «the person without emotions». Ideal “appearance“ for... The Russian car... It is Not in French rudely worked. But not ottalkivajushche. And at more close acquaintance with the car there is a respect for its founders. Body details are adjusted with the western accuracy. Perhaps the designer also drew the car last night before project delivery, but in all other chain of failures was not.

the area of a lateral glass cover is small, of course, exterior mirrors besides do not develop, but to us not to get used. In general to fall in love with “Logan“ at first sight it is possible hardly probable. However popular wisdom says: appearance - not the main thing.

Internal space

to Tell that we sat down in interior without a bias, it is impossible. That in the car of foreign manufacture in 8999 dollars for a basic set the economy is erected by the price in the law, we perfectly understood.

interior plastic, of course, not a super class, but the firm four deserves precisely. And besides all panels very precisely are adjusted - neither scratches, nor spacings. But, probably, deciding that is too good - too badly, Frenchmen peremudrili with ergonomics.

arranging the button of window regulators and the central lock in the middle of a torpedo, in “Renault“ have been compelled to displace the control package a heater practically to a car floor. But on it experiments did not end. Hand levers turn counter-clockwise! Including an oven or regulating its speed, the brush should be turned out. It is good that to do it it is necessary not so often how to switch drives.

But places in interior it is a lot of. Three behind take seat without problems - without drawing in feet and without involving a head in shoulders.

a key without the drive right

the Same and with a luggage compartment. Its volume simply fantastic - 510 litres, more than at many sedans a class above.

the luggage compartment only a key, as well as a gasoline tank Opens. Here the logic of Frenchmen at all does not give in to an explanation. The matter is that in open position the key is fixed in a gasoline tank cover, and the driver should or drag a cover with itself (so, and a key), or as offers the maintenance manual to leave its suspended (besides together with a key) for ljuchok a gasoline tank. peremudrili in “Renault“ and with doors. Handles as on them are not present those in general. To close a door, it is necessary to pull for the ledge cut out on its panel.

On valleys and on hills

In Renault Logan basic set it is equipped with the engine in 1,4 litres, capacity of 75 horsepowers. To feel at the wheel foreign cars, it should be untwisted constantly to 3500 - 4000 turns. Quickly to make it it does not turn out, so it is necessary to reconcile that other cars will squeeze into the place released before you.

“Logan“ cannot brag of a noise isolation. To talk in the car it is necessary on the raised tones.

however, it is necessary to you to curtail with nakatannoj paths more close to the nature, and your soul starts singing. Potholes, hollows, holes for “Logan“ as if do not exist. The suspender swallows all roughnesses joking. And a road gleam at “Frenchman“ the serious. However, if somewhere “tsepanete“ the bottom, it is possible and not to worry. Crankcase protection on Logan “is ground“ under Russia.

Undoubtedly to name Logan the ideal car it is impossible. However, beginning its release in Russia, Frenchmen, most likely, did not lose. The most important criterion of a choice of the car at our compatriots - the price. And it at “Logan“ out of competition. Besides all vysheoboznachennye minuses of the car hurt the eyes to the driver who has only already tasted foreign cars. Buyers of Renault Logan, most likely, will not have such experience.

Renault Logan technical characteristics:

Length/width/height 4250/1742/1525
the Maximum capacity, l. With. 75
a twisting moment 112
the Working volume of cylinders 1390
the Fuel tank, l 50
luggage compartment Volume, l 510
the Maximum speed, km/hour 162
Dispersal 0 - 100 km/hour, second 13,0
Diameter of a sharp turn, m 10,5
Fuel consumption, km l/100
the Country cycle 5,5
the Commixed cycle 6,8
the City cycle 9,2

the PRICE from $8999