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The first official photo of a sedan of Porsche

Porsche skilfully supports an intrigue round the main premiere of last years and, perhaps, most expected sport car of 2009 year. Experts in marketing of a German superbrand managed to create official sites of Porsche Panamera (including the Russian version) to exhaust some videoclips from Porsche Panamera to start regular magazine of Porsche Panamera to hold Porsche Panamera presentations …
And thus we do not know till now precisely as this “Panamera“ will look. How thrilling!

everything that the manufacturer showed officially is a nose of model (a front bumper and headlights) which do not differ from Porsche 911. It is clear that fans are excited to a limit. Repeatedly there were computer images of the car, time and again it has been trapped by photographers on tests - certainly, in a camouflage.

and here today Auto Telegraaf showed a photo which, according to this Dutch magazine, precisely is official. Quite similar on truth. Silhouette of the car and podokonnaja a line which can be seen on official sites, coincide with this photo.

we remind that the high-grade premiere of a novelty is planned for March, 2009. It will be simple“Panamera to be equipped with motor V6 (3,6 litres, 300 h.p.), Panamera S - engine V8 (4,8 litres, 400 forces), and Panamera Turbo same turbirovannym, capacity in 500 forces. Later appears hybrid, and can, and diesel versions. It is planned to assemble 20 000 cars in a year, including 4000 in top version Turbo.