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Fiats Phylla already tested in business

Phylla - 4-seater electropenalties on solar batteries.
in Turin alive showed Fiat Phylla electromobile-prototype, joint creation of the research centre of the company of Fiat and the Turin polytechnical institute. Messages on its working out already appeared about half a year back, and this time in Ecological park of Turin test drive for local high-ranking persons took place.

Phylla - a four-seater. Its length - 2995 mm, width - 1618 mm, height - 1500 mm, weighs only 750 kg, including weight of the battery which makes 150 kg.

Phylla - 4-seater electropenalties on solar batteries.
the car has the easy releasable chassis from aluminium and metalloplastikovyj a body. It is set in motion by four electromotors which are connected to each wheel. The electromobile uses solar energy. The cruising range at use battery lithium-ionic makes 145 km, and on lithium-polymeric - 220 km.

This rather ambitious project has been realised under the direction of, other European establishments and the companies took part also.