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Opel Meriva opens doors

Opel Meriva of last generation were not found in Russia by popularity. It is a lot of reasons for that, but main is a price policy. It is difficult to convince the buyer that the compact car when practically in the same sum it is possible to lay model and a class above is necessary to it, and in the size it is more. And as you understand, for a minivein the size matters. Certainly, in the company of Opel it perfectly understood, therefore in German Russelhajme where the static presentation new Opel Meriva took place, we saw the car much more and much more functionally the predecessor.

Meriva it is created on a platform of elder sister - Opel Zafira, and in registration decisions from recently appeared Opel Insignia are used.
However, about design we will not be - the car before you, and you can solve, its appearance is pleasant or not. And here about some original decisions it is necessary to talk. One of novelty “counters“ are rear doors opening against movement. It is assured, many notice that to this “counter“ years two hundred and used it on carriages. It completely agree. Yes, cars of the beginning of the last century had just the same design. As an example - Opel-Motorwagen 16/18 of the sample of 1904 (truth, at it was only two doors). And the first four-door sedan under Opel stamp appeared in 1925. By the way, and well-known pre-war Opel Admiral had the similar scheme of opening of doors.

but in a jet age of a door of such design practically ceased to apply - the system of locks should be too difficult to provide safety. And still some automobile manufacturers successfully use the decision of two-centuries prescription - take sport penalties of Mazda RX-8 or MINI Clubman where the rear door opens against movement. The similar scheme is applied and by some cars to the highest persons.

the rear door Design in Opel Meriva is called as FlexDoors, and in the segment it is unique.
the rear door not only opens against movement, but also possesses very big corner of opening (84 degrees while traditional doors on the average open on 70 degrees). Certainly, to sit down conveniently. It is convenient to plant the child and to fasten it in a childrens armchair, it is convenient to arrange luggage and many other things.

besides a design of the rear doors term Flex is used in a novelty three more times is FlexSpace, FlexRail and FlexFix. FlexSpace - the gear of transformation of the rear of interior. Rear seats can be shifted, put. In a word, it is possible to choose any combination of an arrangement of passengers and luggage. FlexRail - a piece original so experts of Opel named a design of the central extension housing. It many-tier also is allocated by special “rails“ on which it is possible to establish additional capacities and boksy.

Well and, at last, system FlexFix represents the built in luggage compartment for bicycles. It is put forward from under a trunk floor and equipped by reliable fastenings for pair bicycles. It is not assured that in our country this option is very actual, but as the nobility, probably, it is necessary to some buyers to taste.

meanwhile we cannot share sensations from interior and driving ergonomics - we remind, the model presentation was static.
something is difficult to tell and scale of motors which will offer in Russia. Before us almost ready model, however changes for certain will be. Time of rideable presentation not far off and then we see Opel Meriva, in that variant in which it descends from the conveyor.