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Nissan showed new Patrol

Nissan published the information on new generation of biggest off-road car Patrol. The car has been presented in capital United Arab Emirates Abu-Dabi. The choice of this country for off-road car presentation is not casual, as the United Arab Emirates are the major commodity market of this model.
the car Slogan - «the Hero comes back home» (The Hero Comes Home).« We chose such slogan specially. It already the seventh generation of Nissan Patrol, at the car long and impressing history. And now it again returned, truth, already on a new platform, with absolute other design. It became more comfortable and magnificent. At it the new ruler of engines and transmission », - mark in the company.
Really, the car strongly changed outwardly. It became massivnee, however smoothness of lines of a body underlines that fact that he most likely should forget about impassability. Too it is magnificent. It is confirmed also with internal furnish. The skin, a tree, various navoroty and difficult electronic systems, including entertaining, do its absolutely unlike the ancestors. In general, its few future owners will be put on it in impassable places. It is a pity!
But if nevertheless it is necessary the car can prove to be in all beauty. At it the big road gleam, the strengthened frame, an all wheel drive, hill-climbing gears, blocking of differentials, electronic and hydraulic systems of stability of a body at turning movements, and also every possible “assistants“ to the driver in extreme conditions.
the Basic novelty of the car created, probably, specially for Arabs, is special vent holes which submit cold air in parallel side windows that creates the special board interfering heating of air in interior.
Now engines! Japanese yet did not give the detailed information, however it is known that under a cowl at new “Patrolja“ costs 5,6-litre V8 capacity of 400 h.p. which works together with 7 step automatic machine. The ruler of motors, undoubtedly, will be expanded, informs