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Most ecologically safe avtomobl - Mini E

Mini E became the winner of competition “Most ecologically safe car“ with a prize fund in 25 million pounds sterling.

the British governmental organisation on advancement of innovative projects declared that BMW Group consortium receives a prize fund part. It gives the chance to spend trial release of car MINI E till the end of this year and to test it on roads of the country with the assistance of drivers. Technical and social aspects of operation of electromobiles in actual practice will be thus estimated.

Load by energy. The manufacturer.

Features MINI E

2-seater electromobile MINI E is developed on the basis of Cooper. Under a cowl - 204 h.p. that is almost similar MINI John Cooper Works. The maximum twisting moment of the electric motor makes 220 Nanometers. The unique design of the engine and a 1-step check point allow MINI E to be dispersed easily to 100 km/h for 8.5 with. It is a pity that the maximum speed makes only 153 km/h.

gold box Mini E. The manufacturer.

in the rear of cabin MINI E the battery is located lithium-ionic. It can be loaded from any socket connection. Gymnastics time depends on pressure and force of a network. The British users can recharge quickly completely sat down battery by means of the wall accumulator rectifier which is delivered together with the car. Time of gymnastics with pressure 240 In and a current strength 32 And makes approximately 4 hours. It is planned to organise a network popular zarjadnyh stations.

To hundred electromobile Mini E runs up all for 8.5 seconds! The manufacturer.