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Mercedes! Long time this DM was a unique symbol of riches and success in Russia.« If the person owns Mercedes - hes fine. If at the person very well - he has to own Mercedes »is there was an axiom of 90th years. Now in Russia there were also other prestigious automobile stamps, but Mercedes will always take a worthy place among competitors. It in 80th years of a XIX-th century first-ever constructed the four-wheel car with the petrol motor, it in 90th years of the XX-th century the first in Russia became the card of businessmen, politicians and criminal authorities.

about it wrote official and a yellow press, about it composed songs and jokes, but it as the present German aristocrat, with advantage looked at it, knowing itself the true price. Its 3-beam star symbolising success on a land, on water and in air, entered in a ring with a laurel wreath of the winner, still many long years will decorate cars of the most worthy people of Russia and the whole world.

Thanks to such popularity of Mercedes in Russia, it has many admirers knowing practically all both about the company, and about cars exhausted by it. These people can tell hours about association of firms Daimler and Benz in new concern Daimler-Benz which was headed by Ferdinand Porshe, or about advantages of a “flexible“ platform on which basis it is created kontsept Mercedes-Benz F800 Style. Admirers of the stamp Mercedes are unique sources of the information, and the portal “Mercedes-Benz“ is interested in cooperation with such people. The portal invites the experts well owning a theme. The history, technologies, lineup novelties - any theme can be shined on portal pages.

readers receive the professional information, experts receive worthy payment. It is main principle of new format Web 3.0 on which base this project develops. Web 3.0 is a new step of evolution in Internet development. The given format solves the basic problem which has arisen at the present stage of development of a world web: quality of the information. Now the basic suppliers of the information in a network are simple users and its quality in the majority is far from an ideal. It creates mistrust to any information placed on the Internet, and slows down its development.

to find the qualitative information among such chaos under force only to experts. The new format Web 3.0 assuming payment of the information by the consumer, leads to that the poor-quality information disappears from the Internet according to economic laws. And you are the witness of this formation. To become not only the witness, but also the participant of this process, be registered on as the expert of a portal “Mercedes-Benz“, share the knowledge with readers and receive for it worthy payment.

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