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New kontsept Land Rover LRX already on sale

Land Rover opens the vision of a direction of the further development of the company, representing new kontsept LRX: it is courageous evolution of design and a design from which Land Rover, remaining correct key values of a brand, begins development of new segments of the market. While the company is going to note the 60-year-old anniversary in 2008, three-door LRX, compact, easy, based on non-polluting technologies, with blowouts CO2 at level only 120 g/km, unequivocally meets the requirements of new time and the changing world.

«Kontsept LRX is an embodiment of our adherence to do actual non-polluting cars with strong emotional appeal, - commented on Fil Pofem (Phil Popham), the general director of the company of Land Rover. - LRX in every respect is original Land Rover, but nevertheless it differs from other models. In LRX the design of Land Rover and that width of possibilities which it is possible to expect from Land Rover is unmistakably learnt. And its new characteristics open a market segment at which this brand still never was present for Land Rover. Projected level of efficiency does LRX by one of the most non-polluting cars in the class. This embodiment of a responsible approach of Land Rover to working out of new products. Kontsept LRX allows us to estimate reaction of the potential consumer and to draw conclusions on the further working out of this model. But we are assured that we move in a correct direction ».

Compact and magnificent

LRX cross-country-compartment is three-door and considerably expands possibilities of a lineup of Land Rover. LRX on 149 mm is shorter and on 205 mm more low, than Land Rover Freelander 2, and, nevertheless, it is conceived as the car of a class a premium aimed at consumers to which the compact car possessing all advantages of an all-wheel drive off-road car is necessary.

LRX, the first absolutely new Land Rover from the moment of purpose of Dzherri MakGoverna by the Director for design, considerably expands Land Rover lineup, supplementing with its car forming a new market segment. In LRX many traditional elements of design of Land Rover are visible: the updated characteristic form of a cowl, a transparent roof and cultivation of wheels on body corners.

«in design LRX the love to Land Rover brand is felt, but it is absolutely new design that underlines that Land Rover makes only not ordinary cars, - tells Dzherri MakGovern. - LRX is an outstanding personality, its design underlines width of possibilities and underlines a new direction of development is the Land Rover perfectly feeling on high-speed highway but which is not frightened also of impassability ».

Compactness - the main feature LRX, and it is attractive to those consumers which want to get the compact maneuverable all-wheel drive car of the stamp of Land Rover. In addition its easy weight and the depressed aerodynamic resistance provided with the reduced area of a front surface, provide considerable fuel economy and drop of blowouts CO2.

Highly effective transmission

LRX is projected as the car with highly effective (on Federal classification of the USA) the hybrid turbodiesel engine capable also to work on bio-diesel fuel. In a combination to other advanced technologies of Land Rover, fuel consumption LRX is expected on 30 % more low, than at other all-wheel drive off-road cars of the similar sizes, with blowouts CO2 approximately at level 120/km

Power efficiency LRX is provided with application of the current technologies providing rational consumption both mechanical, and electric energy.

most considerable of innovations - the Integrated electric rear wheel drive (ERAD, Integrated Electric Rear Axle Drive) which allows LRX to use only an electric actuator at movement on insignificant speed. Thus LRX saved and even raised the abilities for overcoming of difficult off-road sites. Besides, unlike many competing all-wheel drive cars, the unique technology of Land Rover saves a mechanical drive gear for all four wheels.

In off-road conditions ERAD increases a twisting moment, when necessary, and at the maximum twisting moment at strate from a place the technology provides still the best control and the best clutch on difficult sites of road (such, as the stamped snow, or a wet grass), and also at movement with the trailer.

at movement on highway ERAD independently provides normal speed for the intensive traffic in 32 km/h only at the expense of an electric actuator, thus integrated system of automatic start-up of the engine (ISG, Integrated Starter-Generator) will independently start the engine when it is necessary to increase speed. On higher speed the electric actuator will work in parallel with mechanical that allows to lower both fuel consumption, and emission CO2.

System ISG also automatically stops the engine when the car stops in “plug“ that allows to avoid single work of the engine. ISG also quickly gets the engine, when necessary.

the electric actuator uses high-voltage lithium-ionic the battery of the raised capacity independent from usual 12-voltnogo of the accumulator which is loaded from the generating braking system also connected to ERAD.

LRX also it is equipped by System of controllable movement under a bias (Hill Descent Control) and the well-known system Terrain Response which optimises roadability and comfort, and maximises tractive effort. In LRX system Terrain Response has five modes, including the new economic mode focused only for movement on highway and allowing to raise fuel economy. Other four modes Terrain Response:« Sports »(also new),« usual “,“ sand “and“ a grass/gravel/snow »(the general program for difficult off-road conditions).

Increasing width of possibilities

Positioning LRX it is possible to describe as easy shift from traditional off-road cars to the crossovers more similar to cars, with the best dynamic indicators at driving on road. But, though the basic feature LRX - magnificent manoeuvrability, roadability and dynamism, LRX provides unsurpassed width of possibilities in a class. For this purpose LRX it is equipped by a constant all wheel drive and system of controllable movement under a bias (Hill Descent Control), and also special version of well-known system Terrain Response which optimises tractive effort for difficult surfaces, such as a wet grass, gravel or snow. And to underline new character LRX - mission for road, - in LRX the new harmless mode for drop of blowouts at movement on a city is added.

design LRX is completely developed by a command of own designers of Land Rover under the direction of Dzherri MakGoverna and represents new vision of a direction of development of Land Rover. At it very dynamical cross-section, characteristic throat to a roof and brawny onboard ledges on all length of the car. The windshield round all interior has no visible metal frame that provides an innovative kind of the car. The structure of the top part of a body is looked through through a window and a roof, reflecting the best tendencies of modern architecture.

cultivation of wheels on body corners adds to the dynamism car, at the same time, the truncated corners of the car considerably reduce the perceived size front and rear svesov. In all external shape Land Rover aesthetics is instantly guessed: The traditional form of a cowl, the characteristic head lights, the punched radiator enclosure, conical indicators of a metre panel. At LRX wide wheel niches in which the chromeplated 20-inch wheel disks are perfectly entered.

refinement of design is reached by the additional chromeplated details: a lateral fringing, air intakes on each side and on a cowl; fastenings of doors are hidden under a body. All details of design are in harmony with the general line of a body, instead of eclipse it. “Frosty“ white colour of a body spe