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Lada fascinated car thieves from Hungary

Lada became the most stolen car in Hungary. The Russian cars of manufacture of the Volga automobile factory outran in this rating of Japanese and German competitors.

on the second place by quantity of stolen cars the German concern of Volkswagen settled down, the third place occupied Japanese Toyota., Audi, Renault, Honda and Peugeot further follow Opel.

in police do not explain, which models “Frets“ use the greatest demand at the Hungarian autocar thieves. A riddle there is also a question that so involves thieves in the Russian cars. But it is known that more often cars steal in March, informs Regnum.

And in Russia

According to insurance company ROSNO, for the first half of the year 2009 the rating of the most stolen cars was headed by “Japanese“. And not simply headed! First six lines of a rating in general occupy exclusively Japanese cars

1. Mitsubishi Lancer

2. Honda CR-V

3. Mazda 3

4. Honda Civic

5. Mitsubishi Outlander

6. Suzuki Grand Vitara

7. Lexus GS

8. Chevrolet Lanos

9. Mazda 6

a Rating made ROSNO, by the way, rather seriously differs from traffic police statistics. According to department, most of all in Russia steal VAZ-2112. For “dvenashkoj“ VAZ-21099, VW Passat, VAZ-2109, BMW of 5th series, Chevrolet Niva, and Toyota Avensis follows Toyota Camry.