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Saab can become the property of the Russian

Koenigsegg, the Swedish manufacturer of magnificent sports cars, concluded from General Motors (GM) the agreement on the repayment of 100 % of actions of Saab. As write “Sheets“ referring to the information of business newspaper Dagens Industri, in this document Dmitry Zimin and the American businessman Ogi Fabela are named by the basic owners of the Danish company Solsken BV supervising Koenigsegg.

fund “Dynasty“ Based by Zimin really received the offer to invest in Koenigsegg. Fund means are invested in various branches worldwide, including in Russia. The transaction is not closed yet, what size of this investment and which package Koenigsegg is got on “Dynasty“ means, yet is not informed.

GM exposed Saab on sale in January - after Saab declared about 340$-million loss for 2008 and predicted the same loss on 2009. In August it became known that Saab it will be bought Koenigsegg which was obliged to find for transaction financing nearby 3 mlrd the Swedish crones ($443 million). The transaction was supposed to be concluded till the end of October - to this term the government of Sweden should give guarantees under the credit of Saab for 400 million euro which gives the European investment bank (EIB). The bank approved credit allocation on October, 21st, but the transaction is not made till now. It can occur in November after reception of approval of Eurocommission.

under the business plan offered Koenigsegg, shareholders invest in Saab in 2010-2016 6 mlrd the Swedish crones ($886 million at a current rate). This money goes on working out of new models, and Saab it is necessary to be displaced gradually in a premium-segment: the average price of the car exhausted by the company should grow from 189 000 crones ($27 900) to 280 000 crones ($41 330). Then the minimum quantity of cars necessary that the company remained profitable, it will be possible to reduce with 115 000 to 65 000.


Fabela - chairman of board of directors Koenigsegg - the American, it co-operates with Zimin since 1992, as well as Zimin, it was one of “Vympelcom“ founders (the cellular operator “Biline“) and till 2002 headed its board of directors. In 2001-2003 Zimin sold the share holding of “Vympelcom“ and concentrated on a management of the welfare fund “Dynasty“ created by it.

Koenigsegg - the Swedish company-manufacturer of exclusive cars of a sports class. It is based in 1993 by Christian a background Kenigseggom. Superpenalties Koenigsegg of family SS are known for the ugleplastikovyj the case with special weaving of carbon fibres.