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Army divisions have been involved in order protection in Pakistan

the Authorities of several cities in the south of Pakistan urged to involve army parts in order protection, has informed the British TV channel " Skye njuz " referring to words of representatives of local authorities.

As passes Assoshiejted the Press referring to the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs of a province of Sind Gulam Mohammed Mohtarama (Ghulam Mohammed Mohtaram), armies Mirpur - Has, Navabshah and Gotki (Gotki) participate in law and order maintenance in cities of Karachi, Hyderabad.

In a province of Sind where on Friday have taken place funeral of the leader of opposition of Benazir Bhutto, by data " Skye njuz " participants of FU smash, in particular, buildings of banks. According to last data 23 persons were lost.

Active workers of opposition party of the Pakistan people (PPN) which headed Benazir Bhutto, have spent memorial service in capital Pakistan Islamabade. Some honeycombs of persons W mourning bandages and flags PPN have gathered around the governmental quarter opposite to a presidential palace. Some young men have been armed by sticks, they have burnt some posters of the progovernmental parties.

Guards tried not to provoke holding a meeting. Representatives of police have declared that use the best efforts to supervise a situation in capital of Pakistan.

One of organizers of memorial service, active worker PPN has declared that in day of funeral of Benazir Bhutto party members do not want FU. He has added 2 that according to party members of the power bear responsibility for  destruction of Bhutto.

Now the official part of meeting has ended, the crowd gradually disperses.

the Leader of the Pakistan opposition, eks - the prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto has died the day before in the afternoon from a severe wound RCVed at act of terrorism. The insurgent - the condemned man has opened fire on car Bhutto, and then has put in action an explosive during many thousands oppositional meeting in a city of Rawalpindi. As a result still nearby 20 persons, including some police officers, were lost and not less than 15 have got wounds.

In Pakistan on January, 8th should pass universal parliamentary elections. The party which headed Benazir Bhutto, intended to take in their part.