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the Committee of the free press is disturbed by closing " Voices of Russia " in Lithuania

the World committee of the free press is disturbed by the recent decision of the Commission of radio and telecasting of Lithuania to forbid broadcasts of an official radio company " Voices of Russia " private radio station of Vilnius " the Baltic waves " it is SPK in the letter by this influential international journalist of the organisation, placed on site RGRK " the Voice of Russia ".

the World committee of the free press includes 45 journalistic organisations on five continents representing ordinary employees and managing directors in electronic, printing and the Internet the news organisations which are united 4 protection and advancement of freedom of the press.

As they say in a MSG, the decision on the termination of translation of programs of radio station " the Voice of Russia " on radio station " the Baltic waves " Which is its partner, the commission of radio and telecasting of Lithuania has accepted on December, 21st almost unanimously (11 voices against 1).

the commission motivated the decision to forbid the program " Voices of Russia " desire " to protect " the Lithuanian citizens " from influence of the Russian propagation " it is marked in a MSG.

" It seems obvious that if Lithuania forbids use of the Russian broadcasts the Russian authorities can refer to this precedent to stop the further use of the western broadcasts by the Russian stations " - it is SPK, in particular, in the letter.

Radio station " the Baltic waves " passes programs in several foreign languages, including in English, Russian, Polish and Chinese. The representative " the Baltic waves " Rimantas Plejkis in reply to the commission decision has declared that " The freedom of speech should be the equal information 4 distribution both from the West on the East, and from the East on the West ".

the Problem consists, according to the committee reference, in a basic principle: " if we expect a free exchange of opinions in the posttotalitarian world then we should agree with freedom of others to SPK that can be unpleasant to listen ".

Radio station " the Voice of Russia " hopes that this decision of the Lithuanian commission will be appealed against in court.

the Radio company " the Voice of Russia " has begun an announcement in Lithuania on April, 1st, 2004 on mid frequency 612 kgts. " the Voice of Russia " relays the programs through radio stations in Germany, Britain, the USA and other countries.