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the Status of victims at road accident in Noginsk was stabilised - physicians

Physicians managed to stabilise a status of victims at failure on Thursday morning a fixed-route taxi in Noginsk situated near Moscow, Tatyana Popova has informed News on Friday evening managing reanimatsionnym branch of Noginsk central regional hospital.

As a result of collision of a minibus with the truck crane five persons were lost also eight have got traumas of various severity level.

" the Suffered patients have examined kombustiologi - experts in burns. The decision on possibility of transportation two person from eight in the specialised burn CTR " is accepted; - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Under its information, among what will transport in the burn CTR of institute of surgery of A. V.Vishnevsky - the nineteen-year girl most suffered in road accident.

" The status of the girl remains heavy as burns occupy 50 - 60 % of a body " - has noted Popova.

She 2 has added that two more victims are translated from resuscitation in nejrohirurgicheskoe branch.

Other four patients Noginsk TSRB, according to the interlocutor of agency, continue course of treatment.

" they still have serious traumas which demand long treatment " - Popova has told.