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Cuba has bought six Russian planes within the limits of export state support

. Two transactions on sale to Cuba three planes Silt - 96 - 300 and three planes They are 204 for a total sum about 300 million dollars have been realised in 2005 - 2007 within the limits of the state financial support of the Russian export, has informed on Friday a press - Foreign trade and investment bank service (the agent of the government in this sphere).

In particular, Foreign trade and investment bank, it " a daughter " Roseksimbank and VTB have finished recently granting of credits within the limits of the demand line of credit in volume of 203,4 million the dollars, the Cuban company Aviaimport S opened in 2006. A. 4 financing of contracts on purchase of planes Silt - 96 - 300 and They be 204.

" Crediting by banks of contracts has provided with employment more than 15 thousand workers of the Voronezh aviabuilding association (VASO), Open Society " Aviastar " (Ulyanovsk) and subcontractors, has allowed the enterprises to increase the production program in 2005 - 2007 more than by 50 % " - it is SPK in a MSG.