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China creates system of protection against rains 4 the Olympic games in Beijing

China creates three-level system of protection against rains during the Olympic games in Beijing in August, 2008, has informed agency Sinhua on Friday.

" a defence Line " 4 struggle against rains will pass in a province Hebei (Hebei) on distance from 15 B4 120 kilometres 2 the West and the north from the Chinese capital. In areas where there will pass a line, are already placed 84 rocket launchers applied 4 " execution " rain clouds.

such cities are involved In the scheme of protection of Beijing from rains, as Changchiakou (Zhangjiakou), Baoding (Baoding), Chengde (˝hengde) and Lanfan (Langfang).

Is artificial to call a rain on distant approaches 2 Beijing before it will spill on the Chinese capital, there will be a rocket and artillery technics. 4 " execution " clouds it is planned to apply iodide silver and other catalysts.

This summer the Chinese experts in a climate already applied this method when in capital Peoples Republic of China solemn ceremony of the beginning of annual readout of days before Olympic Games opening has taken place.

As the deputy director of the Peking Management on climatic control of Chzhan Tsjan (Zhang Qiang), used 4 " has declared; execution " clouds catalysts do not render direct negative influence on environment if volumes applied to this substance do not exceed 0,5 grammes on one square kilometre.

Now, the Chinese sources, methodology and technics which it will be applied to protection of Beijing against rains inform, pass necessary test.

August is considered a season of rains 4 the Peking region.

the Chinese experts in change of environmental conditions should provide a fair weather, at least, on August, 8th - in the opening day of Games, and also on August, 24th - in day of official closing of the Olympic Games of 2008.

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