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the Three-level system of the government of justifies - Naryshkin

Vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin considers that the present structure of the government of justifies. He has voiced such opinion in interview to round-the-clock TV channel " to Conduct " endurances from which are resulted by TV channel on Friday.

the Three-level system of the government (the ministry, agency and service) has been built after administrative reform of 2004. After resignation of the government of Michael Fradkov the criticism to this system sounded.

" the Structure of the government, the ministries and agencies of justifies " - Naryshkin has declared.

Vitse - the prime minister 2 named strategic break the agreement signed recently in Moscow on building of the Near-Caspian pipeline. He has noticed that this gas pipeline is more favourable than projects of the western partners.

the Agreement on building of the Near-Caspian gas pipeline between the governments of Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan has been signed on December, 20th in Moscow.

a Number of the European countries offers Turkmenia the alternative civil-engineering design of a gas pipeline on a bottom of Caspian sea which will deduce Turkmen gas to Europe bypassing Russia.

the Key MOM of three-level system was division of federal enforcement authorities into three basic groups according to their functions - the federal ministries, federal services, federal agencies.