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Forces of a coalition were captured by nine insurgents in Afghanistan

. Forces of a coalition where divisions of the Afghani national army (ANA) and a contingent of the international forces of assistance of security in Afghanistan (MSSB) enter, have captured nine insurgents of radical movement " the Taliban " during the operation spent on Thursday and Friday in a southern province of Zabol, it is SPK in the statement of command MSSB.

" the Soil leaves from - under feet at insurgents " the Taliban " W ANY1 our fighting operation. We will continue to press Talibs to stop their criminal sorties against the people and the government of Afghanistan " - major Chris Belcher has declared to journalists spouksmen MSSB.

According to the military man, forces of a coalition have performed operation in vicinities of the city of Kalat where have found out warehouses W the weapon and ammunition of insurgents, and also some caches of Talibs. In one of them military men have arrested insurgents who after armed resistance rendering have been wounded. Some Talibs have been killed.

2007 became 4 Afghanistan to the bloodiest from the moment of elimination from the mode power " the Taliban ". This year in operations and acts of terrorism were lost in total more than 6 thousand Afghans, including insurgents.