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Kharkov and Odessa ask to include them in structure of owners of Euro - 2012

. The authorities of Kharkov and Odessa ask the European football association to expand the list of the Ukrainian cities which will accept European championship matches on football in 2012, the assistant to the head of the Kharkov regional administration, the vice-president of Federation of football of Ukraine (FFU) Sergey Storozhenko has informed.

the Euro - 2012 will pass in Poland and in Ukraine where matches will accept Kiev, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Lvov. Kharkov and Odessa are in a reserve.

" Poland was already converted W the similar request (to expand the list of cities). Except Kharkov, the reference was sent also by the governor of the Odessa area that Kharkov and Odessa have included in the list of the basic cities " - Storozhenko to journalists has told.

Head FFU Grigory Surkis 2 supports that Odessa and Kharkov became full owners of the championship.

As has noted Storozhenko, in Portugal where took place last European championship on football, lives 11 million persons. If to combine the population of Ukraine and Poland, it will turn out in eight times more. " so, and cities which accept matches, should be more " - he considers.

European championship Matches on Euro football - 2004 passed in eight Portuguese cities.

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