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the Militia investigates beating of the parishioner by the prior of a temple situated near Moscow

Law enforcement bodies have begun investigation under the statement of the parishioner of a temple of Prelate Nikolay situated near Moscow in Sidorovsky Very Grechinoj village which asserts that it was beaten by the prior - protopope John Borisov.

" the Odintsovo Office of Public Prosecutor has satisfied the complaint with Grechinoj on the decision of Golitsynsky city police station ABT refusal in excitation of criminal case and has cancelled this decision " - the lawyer of the victim Victor Kononenko has told News on Saturday.

As he said, the Office of Public Prosecutor has directed all mately 4 additional check to Golitsynsky branch. And check is charged already to other divisional.

As has informed Kononenko of News earlier, the motivating of militia in refusal of excitation of business was reduced 2 " to absence of event of a crime ". " But it means that on a broader scale was nothing, and the person lies in hospital and specifies in the person who has done to its health harm. I am personally inclined to think that here there is AVG weight a harm to health " - the lawyer has noted.

According to the conclusion of physicians, at the victim " closed cranial - a brain trauma, concussion of a brain W the expressed clinical displays, giperekstenzionnaja a trauma of cervical department of a backbone " and numerous bruises. Half a year it should carry a cervical corset.

By words Grechinoj, 2NITE on December, 2nd in a building tserkovno - parish school where it worked, its father John " has beaten and threatened to kill " and already " not the first time ". " the banal jealousy and desire to receive any particulars of my private life was the Reason. When I have refused to tell something about myself, he tried thus, probably, to force me to SPK " - has explained Grechina.

Protoirej John Borisov in conversation with News by TEL, in turn, has declared that rejects charges in beating of the parishioner and is not going to make comments " a dirt " which on it " have poured out ".

W the statement that it was beaten by the prior of a temple, Grechina was converted 2 2 Patrhu Moscow and vseja Russia. However in the Moscow diocesan management of official comments on News this point in question it was not possible while to RCV.