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the New Year`s table will manage to Muscovites in 3,5 - 45 thousand roubles

festive table Cost in Moscow for new year fluctuates from 3,5 B4 45 thousand roubles, the head of department of the consumer market and services of capital Vladimir Malyshkov has informed News.

" festive table Cost this year has grown on 7 - 20 %, to one Muscovite it will manage not less than in 3,5 thousand roubles " - the head of department has specified.

He has informed that the prices for entrance tickets in the Moscow restaurants and cafe on New Year`s Eve depend on quantity of given services, and also from assortment of offered production, including alcohol.

Malyshkov has told that this year capital manufacturers have let out 6,3 million bottles of sparkling wines and 6,4 million bottles of sparkling wines that on 30 % more than last year.

And according to consumer market department, the Moscow enterprises let out this production in wide assortment, in souvenir packing and festively issued, W an inscription " the Russian champagne - 2008 ".

Under the information a press - services, the AVG prices for a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine of the Moscow manufacture in capital make from 89 B4 309 roubles, production of the Russian factories costs from 80 roubles B4 459 roubles, import manufacturers - from 199 roubles B4 825 roubles for a bottle and above.